Welcome to Oathbound

Welcome to Oathbound

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Howdy everyone!

Thanks for visiting our webpage! I’m Kevin Cuffe the writer and co-creator of “Oathbound.” Paul Gori and I have been working on this project for two years trying to bring this story to life in all its wondrous glory before offering it to you.

“Oathbound” is a story that fuses spaghetti western with high fantasy to create a setting where either a six-shooter or a spell can change a man’s destiny. Cole Jamison is a man haunted by his past. His daughter Viola, a half-elf, struggles through adolescence while trying to cope with her innate elven magical abilities in a world filled with prejudice and death towards her kind. Our protagonists live a life of seclusion in the Sierra Nevada Mountains until a seemingly chance encounter changes their lives forever. Cole’s former obligations and Viola’s search for self-discovery lead them on a dangerous journey. A pact forged years ago pulls them both into a past Cole had tried so hard to leave behind.

The setting of “Oathbound” plays a key role in the characters development. It is a world forever altered by magic, but still has its roots in the traditional history of the United States western frontier.

It is a tale about family, love, and finding your place in the world by discovering who you really are.

Now, let’s take a moment and talk about the members of #Oathbound.


Writer & Co-Creator Kevin Cuffe
Kevin is a comic-book writer looking to break into the business. Kevin started reading comics with his father at the age of seven. He briefly studied screenwriting in college before the lure of music pulled him in a new and interesting direction. In February of 2013, he created “Oathbound” with artist Paul Gori. He is currently working on a bevy of other comic projects; a few of which include two with co-writer Bob Frantz and one with co-creator artist Drew Moss. Kevin and his son reside in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Artist (pencils/ Inks) & Co-creator Paul Gori
Paul is the co-creator of “Oathbound.” He has worked long and hard with writer Kevin Cuffe for the last two years on “Oathbound” as they continued to fine-tune the project’s art and script. He is also currently penciling and inking three other projects; “Astropunk” written by Kenneth Centers and Rob Farinholt, the up and coming “PsychoPath” written and created by Stefani Manard, and “The Emergents” written and created by Anthony Davis. He resides with his family in Riverside, California. Paul has also worked on covers for the following projects; “The Disasters” created and written by our very own Micah Myers, “Chasing the Grave” written by and created by Flip Knox with art by Izik Bell, interior covers for the two short stories “High Strangeness” and “Super-Secret Sidesplitting War,” both of which can be found in the Anomalous Comics anthology “Send in the Clowns”. Paul is assisted by our finisher Ramon Hitzeroth, who does Paul’s dirty work (final page cleanup and prep) for Paul, so he can just focus on producing new pages and content.


Colorist Hedwin Zaldivar
Hedwin is the colorist for our book. He lives in Guadalajara Jalisco, México. He started working for Zenescope comics in 2013, before that he was working for (various) agencies making (creating or designing) storyboards, comics and animation for businesses. He has several published works, Including: Zenescope Comics : Grimm Fairy Tales #90, Code Red #1 & #2, OZ :Age of Darkness, Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special 2014, Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Special 2014, Tales from OZ #6, Grimm Fairy Tales: Coven #3 & #4, OZ: Reign of the Witch Queen: #1-#6, He recently colored Where Monsters Dwell #1 for Marvel Comics. He is assisted by color flatter Paula Goulart. Talented and friendly (a great combo to be sure), she’s proven an invaluable asset to the creative team as a whole.


Letterer Micah Myers
Micah is a freelance comic book letterer from Portsmouth, Va. He’s lettered comics for Zenescope Comics, 215 Ink, Alterna Comics, Devil’s Due Publishing and tons of other small press books. Micah is always looking to work with more creators. He (also) recently wrote and lettered his own comic “The Disasters”. It’s something you should look into, trust us on this.


Editor Shawn M. Greenleaf
Shawn is the editor for Oathbound and the newest member to the creative team. He is also the editor of the horror series “Escape from Jesus Island“, “Astropunk” (another title in which he works with Paul) from Think Alike productions, and the grindhouse miniseries The Infernal Pact, a book which he both edits and letters.


Thank you again for taking the time to stop by the page, if you’d like to find us on Facebook the page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/Oathboundcomic/

You can also get updates and news from this project and many more great comics from LoopHole Comics, OathBound’s official home on Twitter @loophole_comics

Or you can follow some of us on Twitter and Facebook
Kevin’s Twitter: @anapple4eve
Paul’s Twitter: @Paulgori
Paul’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pgori927
Hedwin’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hedwin-Zaldivar-digital-colorist-894674477226624/
Micah’s Twitter: @MicahMyers
Micah’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/micahmyers
Shawn’s Twitter @giveusart
Shawn’s Website: http://giveusart.com/
Paula’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitaldreamland

A last note, we would like to thank Ramon (AKA RamDog) for developing this site for us. You can follow him on Twitter @RamonHitzeroth

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