Thank You!

Thank You!

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I cannot say “Thank you” enough, a crazy dream that Paul & I started dreaming over two years ago just was realized today. It’s hard to sum up all the joy and relief in a few scant paragraphs when you are near speechless. I know a few of you who are friends have always believed and with such fervor that we were astounded. ( I won’t name any names– but Maybe the book does have “fans”,  I was wrong. Happy ? 😜)


To have so many people tell you that dreaming a big dream is worthwhile and that a thing you created is cool enough or good enough for them to back with a hard earned dollar means more to me personally than I can put into words.


And I talk.

A lot.


Thank you. You are the best, we couldn’t do any of it without you.

I’m speechless.

Sort of.


Kevin Cuffe

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