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Oathbound Issue #1 – Silva Variant


Special Limited-Edition Variant by Hoyt Silva! (Mercy Sparx, Quartermain)

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Special Limited-Edition Variant by Hoyt Silva! (Mercy Sparx, Quartermain)

In Oathbound, the epic nature of Sword & Sorcery and the style of a Spaghetti Western collide to create a world where a six-shooter or a spell can change a man’s destiny.

Cole Jamison is a man haunted by his past. He was once an outlaw, beholden to no one and nothing. That was 20 years ago. Now he’s a father and things have changed. As a dedicated parent, he has set aside his past to raise and protect his daughter. But he discovers that his past mistakes can, and will, affect her future. A dark pact, forged years ago, pulls them back into a life Cole has struggled to leave behind.

Viola, Cole’s 15-year-old daughter, is a half-elf with latent magical abilities in a world that has enslaved Elves and fears magic, stacking the odds against her. It is Cole’s former obligations and Viola’s desire to learn about her Elven heritage, that inevitably leads them on a dangerous journey.

Join Cole and Viola on their journey now!

Welcome…to Oathbound!


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