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11×17 Print – Solomon Wolfe


Solomon Wolfe is a former Confederate general and currently the leader of the Knights of the Southern Cross. He has vowed to save humanity from the great Mythic ‘threat.’




Oathbound artist Paul Gori and colorist Hedwin Zaldivar (with help from Paula Goulart) have a very special chemistry. Each is a talent in their own right, but together they make magic! These beautiful prints are the proof in the pudding, so to speak.

Each 11” x 17” poster comes printed on 300 lb. high-quality Strathmore paper. These prints are large enough to be noticed, but not so big as to dominate the space. They are perfect for framing or just tacking straight to your wall. Frame or not, these vibrant prints are sure to add color, beauty, and style to your home or office. Get yours now!

Interested in more than one of these beautiful prints? Not a problem. For every 3 prints you add to your cart we’ll take $5.00 off your total! That’s right, interested in the entire 6 print series? You’ll save $10.00.

All you need to do is just add away! Your discount will be taken into account and displayed in your cart. It’s that easy!


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