On a Side Note

On a Side Note

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This week it’s hard not to be a little giddy.


For two years Paul and I have constantly revised, redrawn, and rewritten our original concept of “Oathbound.”


Never satisfied with being “done” or ” good enough,” we pushed ourselves to be better; to do better.

We spent hours arguing about why a certain clothing choice does or doesn’t make sense or what color the walls should be. (Yes, you read that right. We had a discussion about the look of the walls in a certain environment).


There were times I’d be at my day job walking through a grocery store catching odd looks from old folks as we discussed the effects magic would have on the Old West, how certain things would function, or why this or that wouldn’t work.


There were times when Paul would get super excited and forget the looming three hour time difference between here and California startling me out of bed at 2:30 am just to tell me what a good idea we had the previous day was.


Then there were times when he wanted to choke the crap out of me (because, when I believe I’m right I’m not budging, not even a little.  I blame my mothers stubborn Italian side). Just like there were times I wanted to choke the crap out of Paul for similar tendencies.


Lucky for us, and “Oathbound,” we live on opposite sides of country or instead of being comic creators, we’d be news headlines.


So, back to the giddiness.


We are excited because we finally get to let all of you decide if we should get to make this crazy western fantasy book a real thing.

It’s a mixed bag of emotions, really.


It’s the” scary” of a roller coaster, mixed with the “excitement” of a concert, tangled up with the “hope” of a first date.


That’s how doing a Kickstarter feels.

Oathbound’s Kickstarter launches in four days.


So in four days, I’d like to ask ALL of you to support, Retweet, Like, Share, and all of that other social media noise.

I’ve been waiting two years to make this kind of noise, To say “I did this thing I set out to do. I made a comic with some great people and it was fun!”


None of it would be possible without people like you, reading this right now.


So let’s make noise, all of us together. Let’s create something unique together.

Because even if we fail, we made it this far and that’s reason enough to make this kind of noise.



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