Oathbound Show & Tell #2

Oathbound Show & Tell #2

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Howdy y’all,

This week we thought it’d be fun to show you the set of promotional pieces we’ve completed for Oathbound so far. We’ll also be giving you a peek into the creation process behind them.

First, if you haven’t checked out our Character section, I highly suggest it. Just click on the following link: http://www.oathboundcomic.com/characters/

For now, you’ll just have to be satisfied with the beautiful visuals. But, if’n you’d like to know more about the character’s you see here, then click that thar’ link above to learn a little about the book’s cast.


Art by Paul Gori, Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar, and Letters by Micah Myers


Art by Paul Gori, Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar, and Letters by Micah Myers


Here is the three step process before Micah adds his beautiful lettering:


OathBound process-resize
Art by Paul Gori, and Color by Hedwin Zaldivar


We wanted to show y’all something new. But, since we’ll have Kickstarter exclusive prints, you’ll have to wait until the campaign is officially launched before we can reveal those.

As a teaser, though, artist Paul Gori adjusted the face on the original ‘Old Cole’ promo piece to match the new ‘Young Cole’ print, that will be available soon through the Kickstarter. Here is the step by step process used to update Cole’s face.


Step 1: The original pencils.

Step 2: The original inks.

Step 3: Paul traced the ‘new’ face, then placed it over the original inked version in Photoshop. At that point, Ramon went to town cleaning up the line work discrepancies.

Step 4:  Ramon adjusted the levels appropriately, strengthened the blacks where needed, and removed the last of the unneeded/old details.

Step 5: The last step, finished coloring, isn’t shown here as we’ll be showcasing the new version of this piece –alongside the Kickstarter exclusive– in a future post.


New Cole phase 1-4-resize
Art by Paul Gori


Like the looks of this here art? Feel free to view this and more at Paul Online Store:

Hope y’all enjoyed the look behind the curtain. Y’all come back now ya’ hear?

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