Oathbound Kickstarter Update

Oathbound Kickstarter Update

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Hello All!


So, we talked about the nervous jitters and that roller coaster feeling of having a Kickstarter about to launch last time. Well, we’ve successfully made it over the first hill. And, I’m happy to say that in just 4 days you all have already put us past the halfway mark. For that, I’d like to say…


Thank you!


We are beaming with pride. Why you ask? (Even if you didn’t ask, just go with it OK?)


Well, before launching the Kickstarter, we’d submitted this project to a few indie publishers. We never received a response. Which, if you don’t know, means “sorry, not interested.”


At first, we were really bummed. Suddenly, doubt circled about us. The very validity of Oathbound was thrown into question.


Was it because “westerns don’t sell,” like we’d been told? Had we not worked hard enough to make it as professional as possible?You can only imagine how worried we were that we’d done something “wrong” in making our comic.


Well ladies and gents, let me tell you that still may be the case. We admit, that quite often, we are still trying to find our way in this medium. We are constantly working at improving at our craft, honing our skills. But, there was one thing we really never doubted…and that was the story.


We had a “feeling” the story would resonate with people, that the art would capture their eye. We had a feeling there was something special here. Not just because it’s unique and different visually, but because it has a soul.


We were asked by a blogger yesterday “why is it important that this project gets funded?” Well, I can tell you why.


Because maybe, just maybe if we can fund and go above and beyond (hitting some stretch goals) with this, it forces ALL publishers to look a little harder at the books that land on their desks, so to speak. It could push the door ‘into comics’ open a little wider for other indie creators. Maybe a friend you know, maybe even you.


To quote the game show from Robocop… (The original with Peter Weller.)


“I’d buy that for a dollar.”

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