Oathbound Kickstarter Coming Soon…

Oathbound Kickstarter Coming Soon…

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The time has come to announce the launch date of the Oathbound Kickstarter campaign!


We’ve etched the date in stone! Well, more drawn it in wet clay. You can write it on your calendars. But, I’d use a pencil not a pen, just in case.


Alright, all kidding aside, the Oathbound Kickstarter campaign for issues #1-2 is scheduled to go live on April 29th, 2016.


We put a lot of time, effort and thought into this campaign and hope it delivers the kind of rewards you deserve for supporting this project. We have exclusive prints, opportunities to appear in the comic, and even become part of Oathbound’s world story & history. We’re looking forward to this launch and we hope you are too.


So, mark it down on your calendars (in pencil remember), April 29th we go live!


Oathbound Kickstarter Coming 29 April 2016

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