Oathbound History – The Mythics Arrive

Oathbound History – The Mythics Arrive

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1849 California.
James W. Marshall finds gold and a mysterious gateway in a subterranean cavern near Coloma California. The gateway opens and the first contact with “Mythics” is recorded that same year.

Similar experiences are recorded around the globe, with humans encountering all manner of beasts and beings inherent to their individual cultural phenomena.

In 1851 anthropologist Garfield Wiggins publishes a paper coining the term “Mythics” and describes the creatures in three variations: Malevolent, Neutral and Benevolent.

Six months after this paper is published Wiggins was eaten by Kobolds in the Rocky Mountains, whilst studying the creatures. Previously, he had believed them to be “Neutral” or posing no threat to humankind unless provoked.

He was wrong.

Thus began the Mythic War in November of 1852 in which the United States cavalry started a campaign to “Eliminate all Mythics of a hostile disposition throughout the region of the western United States.”

Next time we will discuss the mythic war how it plays a part in the Oathbound world.

Art by Paul Gori

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