Oathbound History – Solomon Wolfe

Oathbound History – Solomon Wolfe

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Last time, we left off with Solomon Wolfe. Wolfe is the antagonist of our story, but is he really a bad person? If you asked me, I’d say no. But, I may be a bit biased. So, I’ll present you with the evidence and let you decide for yourself.


In Oathbound’s world timeline, a concession is made by President Lincoln to avoid the civil war. This attempt to avoid a full-scale war happens at the expense of the Mythics. It frees all human slaves but enables any currently enslaved Mythics to remain that way. Worse, though not directly, it opens the door for more Mythic slave trading.


This proves especially bad for the Wood Elves (including Lyra), who are subsequently sold out by their High Elf cousins to the humans. (Which backs Wolfe’s opinion that Mythic’s can’t be trusted.)


Wolfe’s mindset on Mythic’s is a hard and simple one; the only good Mythic is a dead Mythic.

He is a young officer at the start of the Mythic War and ends it as a battle-tested and successful Colonel. His wit, strategic prowess and ruthlessness get Wolfe a feared reputation among the soldiers.


His callous and uncaring demeanor towards Mythics is challenged (or at least matched) when he meets Orrin Sturnhelm, a Dwarven commander.

Orrin is not all that unlike Wolfe; he’s a battle-hardened commander who lacks trust in the other races.

When Wolfe’s forces are pinned down in the same proximity as Sturnhelm’s Dwarven Shieldbearers (a type of Dwarven regiment used for routing archers) the two commanders forge an uneasy alliance to defeat the more than 300 strong Orcish War Bringers, who have them trapped.


Together, Orrin and Solomon cut a bloody swath through the Orcs using superior tactics and the combined force of Wolfe’s Gatlin guns and Orrin’s Dwarven crossbows. (Their bolts made devastating by combining maple syrup, lantern oil, and gunpowder to become incendiary middle range weapons)


This unlikely partnership continued for most of the war, that is until Sturnhelm ran afoul of some territorial Lizard Men.


But that’s another story…

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