Oathbound History – The Mythic War

Oathbound History – The Mythic War

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A significant part of the Oathbound story has to do with this event, The Mythic War, which starts as a small campaign to eliminate ‘hostile monstrous threats to humanity’ in November 1852, but escalates quickly.


Since Cole is the main character of the story, we’ll him as the focal point of the story’s timeline. Meaning, 1843 is our starting point. The world of Oathbound is much like our own and follows a similar history until 1849 when the Mythic’s arrived and Cole was six years old.


At the start of the Mythic conflict, 1852, Cole would be a wide-eyed nine-year-old. And, much like in our own past, the ‘glory’ and ‘righteousness’ of war was much glamorized. To a nine-year-old boy, the idea of marching off to war to fight monsters in defense of your country sounds exciting.


But, the problem with that is simple. Humanity sucks.


So, instead of trying to eliminate purely hostile Mythics, it quickly develops into a bias against ALL Mythics and an exaggerated suspicion of anything different than humans. The opening of the Mythic gateways led to a new, almost tangible, element into our world: Magic. Magic added more fear to the already palpable distrust of Mythics.


This attitude carried over towards the benevolent Mythics, such as the Elves, Dwarves, and other benevolent races. You get the idea, I’m sure.


One major difference in the Oathbound world is while racism and sexism still exist, there are significantly more opportunities for female or ethnic characters than they would have been afforded in our own history during the same time frame.

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