Oathbound History – Magic

Oathbound History – Magic

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We’ve been discussing the Mythic War, which is one of the largest, and most significant, events in the Oathbound world.


When the Gateways were opened in 1849, not only did Mythics enter this world (and possibly even others) but so did the one element that was exclusive to their plane of existence.




At first, it was simply a geographical feature in the West, lingering near the Gate. But as the creatures using magic spread out, then prepared for the looming war, the prevalence of magic greatly increased.


Humans further helped magic’s spread by attempting any one of the ‘new’ sciences, like Alchemy. As with any major change, some people embraced it.


Other’s didn’t.


Those that didn’t, violently oppose it. They opposed the Mythics, magic, and the overall effects of having these beings ‘invade’ the Western United States.


Bring a young, devil-may-care officer to this sort of conflict and you have the stuff propaganda is born from.


Enter Solomon Wolfe.


Solomon Wolfe Oathbound
Art by Paul Gori

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