Get to know the colorist Hedwin Zaldivar

Get to know the colorist Hedwin Zaldivar

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What made you become part of the Oathbound team?

I was contacted by Paul after he saw samples of my work on Facebook. It must have made a pretty good impression, because after reviewing a few penciled pages for Oathbound and stating my interest in the project, they hired me to be the book’s colorist.


Art by Paul Gori


What was your first experience with comic books?

When I was like 6 years old, I used to sneak into my brother’s comic collection and ‘borrow’ books to read. At the time, I obviously had no idea I’d end up working in this field.

Can you tell the folks at home what a colorist does and why it’s so important to a comic?

The colorist does all the finished color work. Whether using color flats, or coloring from scratch, the colorist adds details where needed. They do all of the book’s final effects (lighting, mood colors, effects, etc). This needs to be done while still keeping in mind the book’s, genre, style, tone, and goal in mind.


Promo from indie comic The Dragonfly | Creator and writer: William Tener | Pencils by: Omar Zaldivar | Color by: Hedwin Zaldivar


What are some of your favorite comics? What comics (if any) do you currently read and what comics would you suggest to others?

It’s hard to say which are my favorites, as I enjoy so many. But, my recent favorites are American Vampire, Invincible, Umbrella Academy, Nemesis, Wanted, and Walking Dead


What other (if any) comic book series/projects are you involved with and at what capacity?

I regularly work as a colorist for Zenescope Entertainment, most recently on the series OZ: No Place Like Home and Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen.

I have also done work on independent projects such as Astropunk, The Dragonfly, Altera # 1, Artifact # 3, and others, some of which have yet to be announced or released.

I am also currently working on a personal project with my brother, Omar Zaldivar, which we plan to pitch to Image Comics soon.


Coven Grimm Fairy Tales # 5 Zenescope Entertainment | Written by: Zach Calig | Art: Diego Galindo | Color: Hedwin Zaldivar | Letters: Charles Pritchett | Editor: Ralph Tedesco | Production & Design: Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel

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