Get to know the letterer Micah Myers

Get to know the letterer Micah Myers

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What made you become part of the Oathbound team?
I became a part of Oathbound after running into Kevin Cuffe at several conventions. He wanted the best, but could only afford me so we were a perfect fit.

Art by Paul Gori

What was your first experience with comic books?
I read comics as a kid, but went away for a long time. I got back into it in 2006 when I saw Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn buying comics in the movie “Comedians of Comedy” I thought it could be a nice hobby that wouldn’t be too expensive. Little did I know…


Can you tell the folks at home what a letterer does and why it’s so important to a comic?
I take the scripts and add dialogue, captions, titles, and SFX to the comic art. I also occasionally design logos. It is important to the comic because without someone putting the words in, you are just looking at pretty pictures. It is also important to be good at it, because good lettering leads your eyes around the page. It adds to the overall experience.


What are some of your favorite comics? What comics (if any) do you currently read and what comics would you suggest to others?
Ostrander’s Suicide Squad, Giffen and DeMatteis’ Justice Leage International, Robinson’s Starman, and Grell’s Green Arrow are my all time favorites. Currently, I am really enjoying Nick Spencer’s Marvel books like Superior Foes and Ant-Man. Invincible is a book that has remained excellent so long that I think people forget to mention it on list like this. Marvel has been putting out some fun series lately like Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Power Man and Iron Fist. I am a huge fan of all the books that Ryan Ferrier and Ed Brisson have been putting out lately.


What other (if any) comic book series/projects are you involved with and at what capacity?
I am the letterer for a bunch of books for Devil’s Due, Zenescope, Alterna, and 215 Ink. I am currently working on Elasticator that will debut soon in comic book shops from Scout Comics. I am also putting together a pro wrestling anthology with a bunch of small press creators. I am venturing into the world of writing and creating my own series with The Disasters coming soon to Loophole Comics.

Mercy Sparx #9 – Art by Hoyt Silva

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